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Seminar on leniency, organized by Competition Agency and supported by EBRD, was held in Biltmore hotel. Foreign experts shared experience on history of leniency program development In the United States and Europe to Georgian colleagues and business representatives.

Along with the government and business representatives, Nodar Khaduri attended the opening of Partnership Fund and Chamber of Commerce joint representation in Guangzhou. The event was attended by the representatives of Chinese government and Foreign Relations Committee.

“If we want our economic development policy to be successful then competition must be priority. Accordingly the agency which is obliged to guarantee competition, needs higher legitimacy” – The Chair of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Roman Kakulia stated.

Head of Competition and Consumer Policies Branch of UNCTAD, Teresa Moreira, visited Georgia.

The delegations of PABSEC is led by the CEO of Partnership Fund, David Saganelidze. The Georgian delegation is membered by the representatives of Parliament and Partnership Fund.